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2-in-1 Combination Nail Scissors with Cuticle Blades, Stainless Steel 1,Ciseaux à ongles combinés 2 en 1 Hans Kniebes avec lames à cuticules, acier inoxydable 1,Hans Kniebes


Nail scissors; brushed stainless steel in Solingen, Germany; micro-serrated, polished, curved blades; hygienic and sterilizable; suitable for manicure, pedicure and professional use; 9cm / 3.55 "
Nail scissors with curved and sharp blades are ideal for clipping fingernails.

Coupe-ongle; acier inoxydable brossé à Solingen, Allemagne ; lames micro dentelées, polies, incurvées ; hygiénique et stérilisable; convient à la manucure, à la pédicure et à un usage professionnel; 9 cm / 3,55 "

2Be Slim, 30 tablets a day + 30 tablets

2Be Slim - a dietary supplement whose day and night ingredients help maintain a healthy body weight and control appetite. The product is intended for adults. Pink tablet (daily): bulking agent: cellulose, bean seed extract, green tea leaf extract, L-carnitine tartrate, seaweed extract, guarana extract, coffee extract, glazing agents: hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, bulking agent: sodium salt cross-linked carboxymethylcellulose, ginger extract, anti-caking agent: magnesium salts of fatty acids, color: titanium dioxide, anti-caking agent: silicon dioxide, filling agent: sorbitols, anti-caking agent: fatty acids, anti-caking agent: sorbitols, polyvinylpyrrolidine: anti-caking agent: polyvinylpyrrolidine acacia, pyridoxine hydrochloride, color: cochineal (cochineal, sodium hydroxide, potato starch).

2KC Extreme, 6,Colfarm S.A

a dietary supplement containing ingredients that help fight hangover symptoms.un complément alimentaire contenant des ingrédients qui aident à combattre les symptômes de la gueule de bois.

2KC Напиток, жидкий, 250 ,Colfarm S.A

предотвращает и помогает уменьшить дискомфорт, связанный с употреблением алкоголя prévient et aide à réduire l'inconfort lié à la consommation d'alcool

2x gingium 120mg + gingium, 30 + 60

Promotes the ability to concentrate and memory in old age Triple effect: promotes blood circulation, provides more oxygen, strengthens nerve cells Contains dry extract from leaves of the ginkgo tree

3M 6200 6000 Series Half Mask , 3M 6200 Polomaska řady 6000

This Force8 half mask is designed for two filters with a Typhoon valve with minimal resistance and a four-point harness with quick release buckles. The mask is made of durable thermoplastic rubber that adapts easily to most faces. A range of narrow profile filters can be added to the Force8 mask, allowing the mask to be used flexibly for many activities and to provide protection against both particulate matter and various types of gases and vapors.

3M 6300 6000 Series Half Mask , 3M 6300 Polomaska řady 6000

Detailed product description half mask with two filters provides a more balanced seal than a mask with a single heavy filter in the front reduces breathing resistance improves visual field 3M bayonet clamping system for safe and secure filter attachment soft and light elastomeric face piece

3M 6300 Half mask for two filters 703M6300 , 3M 6300 Polomaska ​​pro dva filtry 703M6300

6300 LARGE 3M filter half mask for two protective filters, for repeated use, large size

3M 6502QL Half mask series 6500 QL , 3M 6502QL Polomaska řady 6500 QL

6502QL MEDIUM 3M filter half mask for two protective filters for demanding environments, medium size

3M 6503KL Half mask for two filters , 3M 6503KL Polomaska ​​pro dva filtry

6503QL LARGE 3M filter half mask for two protective filters for demanding environments, large size

3M 7501 Half mask series 7500 , 3M 7501 Polomaska řady 7500

Detailed product description half mask with exhalation valve for easier breathing and reduced heat and moisture accumulation 3M filter bayonet mounting system for secure secure mounting the soft silicone material provides greater flexibility and easier contact with the face and head uses all existing 2000, 5000 series filters and most 6000 series filters a system of headbands and a caliper with a trigger ability provides greater stability and less pressure on the nose