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Aknepur, 20 g

Proven backfill for years for acne-prone skin that is very oily. Zinc and sulfur help prevent the spread of bacteria and promote skin regeneration.

Bioactive Influ – Zinc, 60

Bioactive Influ-Zinc combines vitamin C and zinc in delicious lozenges.

Bioactive Zinc, 60

Skin, hair and nail care.

Cefazink 20 mg, 100

If there is a proven zinc deficiency, therapy with penicillamine and other complexing agents.

Chlorella, 650

The Chlorella dietary supplement is one of the so-called green foods, which contribute to detoxifying the body and neutralizing hyperacidity.

Colloidal zinc + vitamin C, 300 ml

The colloidal form of zinc and vitamin C contributes to maintaining normal bone condition and collagen production.

Curazink, 100

For the treatment of clinically established zinc deficiency when it cannot be eliminated with nutrition. Zinc is indispensable for the healthy development of people, for growth and for the formation of a strong defense system. Healthy skin, lush hair and strong nails - thanks to adequate zinc nutrition.

ESKIRI immunity supporting, 30

Eskeri is a dietary supplement containing Reishi, a mixture of Siberian herbs and zinc , which contributes to the proper functioning of the immune system.

PolyZink, 20

Dietary supplement with various vitamins and minerals.

Professor A + C zinc, 250

Each tablet contains 15 mg of zinc

Pure Encapsulations Zinc (Zinc Picolinate), 60

The Pure Encapsulations zinc capsules are a product of pro medico GmbH.