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Zinkamin Falk, 100

Zinkamin-Falk hard capsules contain the vital microelement zinc as an active ingredient, which is combined with the amino acid L-histidine for the first time in this preparation. L-Histidine facilitates the absorption of zinc by the body. Zinkamin-Falk is prescribed to treat conditions caused by zinc deficiency, such as when dieting.

Zinkletten Verla Orange, 100

Zinkletten Verla are an ideal dietary supplement to support the daily zinc supply.

Zinkorot 25, 100

Zinc is required by the body for the functioning of more than 100 different neurotransmitters, it is indispensable for many basic growth and metabolic processes. Zinc is especially needed for the sense of smell and taste, as well as for hair and nail growth. Zinc is essential for wound healing.