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Abbey chamomile concentrate, 50 ml

To care for your mouth, on the skin, or for poultices and baths.

Abbey gastrointestinal relaxation tablets, 2×20

Abbey gastrointestinal relaxation tablets (pack size: 20 pieces) are used for the symptomatic treatment of gas-related gastrointestinal complaints, e.g. bloating, belching, flatulence.

Abbey Japanese Medicinal Plant Oil, 2×10 ml

Abbey Japanese medicinal plant oil (pack size: 10 ml) is used internally for flatulence;

Abbey Joint 1100 tablets, 30

Abbey Joint 1100 tablets (pack size: 30 pcs) contains selected micronutrients such as vitamin C which contributes to normal collagen formation and supports normal cartilage and bone function.

Abbey Omega 3 6 9 salmon oil + linseed oil + olive oil capsules, 60

A contribution to a conscious diet Supports the maintenance of normal cholesterol levels and normal heart function With polyunsaturated fatty acids

Abbey St. John’s wort red oil capsules, 30

For the relief of temporary mental (mental) exhaustion go.

Abbey Vitamin C 600 + Zinc + E Depot Tablets, 42

Food supplement with vitamin C, zinc, vitamin E, vitamin D3, and selenium.

Anti Stress Super Drink, 125 g

100% natural herbal drink with orange flavor to support stress. It has adaptogenic effects, helps with sleep quality and overall condition. Who is the drink for? For all those exposed to excessive stressors, for all those who have trouble sleeping and for all those who do not adapt well to external changes.

AVILUT 3-forte Recordati, 60

AVILUT 3-forte designed for eye care.

AVILUT Plus Recordati, 60

AVILUT® Plus RECORDATI is a dietary supplement with a combination of carotenoids, antioxidants, and vitamins to care for your eyesight. Zinc helps maintain normal vision.