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Abbey chamomile concentrate, 50 ml

To care for your mouth, on the skin, or for poultices and baths.

Abbey gastrointestinal relaxation tablets, 2×20

Abbey gastrointestinal relaxation tablets (pack size: 20 pieces) are used for the symptomatic treatment of gas-related gastrointestinal complaints, e.g. bloating, belching, flatulence.

Abbey Japanese Medicinal Plant Oil, 2×10 ml

Abbey Japanese medicinal plant oil (pack size: 10 ml) is used internally for flatulence;

Abbey Joint 1100 tablets, 30

Abbey Joint 1100 tablets (pack size: 30 pcs) contains selected micronutrients such as vitamin C which contributes to normal collagen formation and supports normal cartilage and bone function.

Abbey Omega 3 6 9 salmon oil + linseed oil + olive oil capsules, 60

A contribution to a conscious diet Supports the maintenance of normal cholesterol levels and normal heart function With polyunsaturated fatty acids

Abbey Vitamin C 600 + Zinc + E Depot Tablets, 42

Food supplement with vitamin C, zinc, vitamin E, vitamin D3, and selenium.

AVILUT 3-forte Recordati, 60

AVILUT 3-forte designed for eye care.

AVILUT Plus Recordati, 60

AVILUT® Plus RECORDATI is a dietary supplement with a combination of carotenoids, antioxidants, and vitamins to care for your eyesight. Zinc helps maintain normal vision.

AZARON Stick, 5.75 g

Relief or symptomatic elimination of itching after insect bites or bites and after contact with jellyfish or nettles.

Bio Appetite Control Mix, 160 g

The product is intended for all individuals focused on suppressing appetite and inducing a feeling of satiety. Appetite Control Mix is ​​in certified BIO quality, is suitable for vegans and meets RAW standards. Just have a teaspoon once a day before meals, preferably in the evening.