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100% BIO Chlorella Pyrenoidosa 300g, 1500

100% BIO Chlorella Pyrenoidosa 100% pure single-cell freshwater algae from organic farming in Taiwan.


Local treatment of symptoms (pruritus, pain) linked to the hemorrhoidal crisis.

2Be Slim, 30 tablets a day + 30 tablets

2Be Slim - a dietary supplement whose day and night ingredients help maintain a healthy body weight and control appetite. The product is intended for adults. Pink tablet (daily): bulking agent: cellulose, bean seed extract, green tea leaf extract, L-carnitine tartrate, seaweed extract, guarana extract, coffee extract, glazing agents: hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, bulking agent: sodium salt cross-linked carboxymethylcellulose, ginger extract, anti-caking agent: magnesium salts of fatty acids, color: titanium dioxide, anti-caking agent: silicon dioxide, filling agent: sorbitols, anti-caking agent: fatty acids, anti-caking agent: sorbitols, polyvinylpyrrolidine: anti-caking agent: polyvinylpyrrolidine acacia, pyridoxine hydrochloride, color: cochineal (cochineal, sodium hydroxide, potato starch).

2KC Extreme, 6,Colfarm S.A

a dietary supplement containing ingredients that help fight hangover symptoms.un complément alimentaire contenant des ingrédients qui aident à combattre les symptômes de la gueule de bois.

2x gingium 120mg + gingium, 30 + 60

Promotes the ability to concentrate and memory in old age Triple effect: promotes blood circulation, provides more oxygen, strengthens nerve cells Contains dry extract from leaves of the ginkgo tree

3x Oryal Max set, effervescent tablets, raspberry flavor, 15

It provides a set with the highest content of electrolytes on the market in 1 tablet. It powers the muscles and the brain to reduce fatigue and weariness, improve concentration and performance *. 1 effervescent tablet is enough to prepare up to 500 ml of a drink.

A to Z complete center, tablets, 30

Complete Center from A to Z - a dietary supplement containing the Multiefekt formula and ingredients that support immunity and healthy skin. The product is intended for adults. Women during pregnancy should consult a doctor before using this dietary supplement.

Aar Os N, 80

To prevent calcium deficiency when the need arises and to support the treatment of osteoporosis.

Abbey All Day Energy Tablets, 20

Food supplements for performance throughout the day.

Abbey Calcium 1000 + Vitamin D3 800, 30

Calcium is an essential component of our bones and, in conjunction with vitamin D3, is of central importance for bone health.

Abbey gastrointestinal relaxation tablets, 2×20

Abbey gastrointestinal relaxation tablets (pack size: 20 pieces) are used for the symptomatic treatment of gas-related gastrointestinal complaints, e.g. bloating, belching, flatulence.

Abbey Joint 1100 tablets, 30

Abbey Joint 1100 tablets (pack size: 30 pcs) contains selected micronutrients such as vitamin C which contributes to normal collagen formation and supports normal cartilage and bone function.