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10% Helicidin Syrup for Cough 250 ML

The Hélicidine 10% syrup is used in the symptomatic treatment of unproductive movement coughs.

100% BIO ginger – pineapple syrup with corn, 1000 ml

Refreshing, delicious syrup with a pleasant sharpness of ginger, additionally enriched with organic turmeric extract. All ingredients are from organic farming.

11 Vitamins, 150ml

Children's bodies need substances such as vitamins to function properly : they help keep shape and tone. In some cases, the daily requirement of vitamins is not provided in sufficient quantity by food. It is for this reason that URGO Laboratories have formulated ALVITYL Syrup, the Vitamin content of which allows the body to meet its needs.

17.5 ° Organic Swedish Elixir, 200ml

The Organic Swedish Elixir from the Dr Theiss group is a maceration of ORGANIC plants in alcohol. From "Maria's herb garden", the Elixir of the Swedish Dr. Theis was developed in full respect of the original recipe of Maria Treben and the writings dating from the 17th century.

22 vitamin and oligo-element syrup – PediaKid, 125 ml

Syrup for children based on agave nectar, prebiotics and extracts of carrot root, watercress leaf, spinach leaf, Swiss chard, parsley root

Abelia Allergis, 180 ml

The Abelia Alergis food supplement is a syrup complex with plant extracts for children and adults for the normal function of the immune system .

Abelia Solis, 180 ml

Abelia Solis food supplement is a syrup complex with plant extracts for children and adults , which contributes to normal liver function .

Aboca Immunomix Plus Syrup, 210 g

Aboca Immunomix Plus Syrup 210g is a syrup made from freeze-dried mucilage leaves, concentrated elder juice and Echina2-LMF extract, which work synergistically to activate the body's defenses.

ABOCA SalviGorge Salvigol BIO MD Spray, 30ml

SalviGorge Salvigol spray is a specific adjuvant with protective action for the treatment of throat irritations, relieves symptoms related to dryness, burning, pain and swallowing difficulties.

ACC children’s juice, 100 ml

Loosens the slime makes coughing easier suitable for children from 2 years with a fruity cherry flavor easy dosage

Acerola, juice, 500 ml (EkaMedica)

Acerola juice - a dietary supplement made of acerola fruit puree. Product intended for adults. Vitamin C supports the proper functioning of the immune system and supports the production of collagen, ensuring the proper functioning of blood vessels, bones, teeth, gums, cartilage and skin. In addition, vitamin C helps reduce the feeling of tiredness and weariness.

Acetamol Early Childhood Paracetamol Syrup 100 ml

Acetamol Early Childhood Syrup is used in the symptomatic treatment of fever and mild or moderate pain