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BioRepair toothpaste, 75 ml

natural protection for sensitive teeth gentle cleaning with special cleaning agents suitable for adults and children from 6 years

Curaprox Toothbrushes, 1

Non-traumatic for the gums with high-density fibers.

Curaprox Toothbrushes, 3

Non-traumatic for the gums with high-density fibers.

Dontodent brilliant white toothpaste, 125 ml

The paste is suitable for daily use, for adults only.

Dontodent junior learning effect, 200 ml

Mouth rinse for children from 6 years for staining plaque before brushing your teeth

Dontodent toothpaste Clear- Fresh, 125 ml

The toothpaste is made to help you solve the issue of fresh breath, get rid of the appearance of tartar and the initial stage of periodontal disease, protect or restore enamel from damage, including remineralizing it.

Elmex children’s toothpaste with folding box

Forms a calcium fluoride coating on the tooth enamel Makes the teeth more resistant to the breakdown of minerals caused by tooth decay Helps to build the minerals loosened out by caries back into the tooth enamel

Elmex Junior Toothpaste, for children from 6 to 12 years old, 75 ml

Elmex Junior "children's toothpaste for children from 6 to 12 years old strengthens enamel and protects newly erupted permanent teeth from caries.

iWhite Instant Toothpaste, 75 ml

The iWhite Instant toothpaste with 3-fold whitening technology for naturally whiter teeth.