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WICK VapoRub cold ointment, 50 g

For damaged connective and nasal mucosa

WICK VapoRub cold ointment, 50 g

Cold ointment with 4-fold effect Relieves nasal congestion, relieves cough and hoarseness and loosens mucus Suitable for rubbing in or for inhalation With eucalyptus oil

WICK VapoRub, 100 g

Relieves hoarseness, coughs and runny nose To rub in or inhale For children from 2 years and adults

Wind ointment 2%, 50 ml

Ointment to support the digestive function relieves indigestion the natural active ingredient is caraway seed oil

Xailin Night eye ointment, 1X5 g

night-time relief of dryness feeling on the eye

Yarrow ointment

A popular ointment that has a beneficial effect on cracked heels, hands and insect bites. It perfectly tightens, cleanses, regenerates and softens the skin.

Yellow ointment 120g

Skin, burns, leg ulcer, hemorrhoids

Zajadex, ointment for lip chewing and skin problems, 10 ml

Ointment for lip chewing and skin problems - applied to the lips, it leaves a protective layer on the lips, which protects the skin against burning, itching and discomfort. The cosmetic accelerates the regeneration of lips.

Zinc ointment Bw, 100 ml

The drug is a skin protective agent.

Zindava ointment

An herbal ointment suitable for non-bleeding hemorrhoids and for the treatment of some atopic eczemas, especially in children.

Zinksalbe-CT, 100 g

The medicine is a means to support wound healing.

АльAl’tabaktin, (250 ME + 5 mg) / g, maz’, 5 g

Altabactin is a medicinal product used for small wounds and cuts. The active substances are bacitracin (Bacitracinum) in the form of zinc bacitracin and neomycin (Neomycinum) in the form of neomycin sulphate.