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Abbey chamomile concentrate, 50 ml

To care for your mouth, on the skin, or for poultices and baths.

Abbey gastrointestinal relaxation tablets, 2×20

Abbey gastrointestinal relaxation tablets (pack size: 20 pieces) are used for the symptomatic treatment of gas-related gastrointestinal complaints, e.g. bloating, belching, flatulence.

Abbey Japanese Medicinal Plant Oil, 2×10 ml

Abbey Japanese medicinal plant oil (pack size: 10 ml) is used internally for flatulence;

Abbey Joint 1100 tablets, 30

Abbey Joint 1100 tablets (pack size: 30 pcs) contains selected micronutrients such as vitamin C which contributes to normal collagen formation and supports normal cartilage and bone function.

Abbey St. John’s wort red oil capsules, 30

For the relief of temporary mental (mental) exhaustion go.

Abbey Vitamin C 600 + Zinc + E Depot Tablets, 42

Food supplement with vitamin C, zinc, vitamin E, vitamin D3, and selenium.

AZARON Stick, 5.75 g

Relief or symptomatic elimination of itching after insect bites or bites and after contact with jellyfish or nettles.

CLABIN plus solution, 15 ml

The drug is used for external treatment of warts.

Coldrex Junior C, powder for oral solution, 10 sachets

Coldrex Junior C is an oral analgesic and antipyretic drug. Coldrex Junior C reduces runny nose and opens up the nose. This drug relieves the symptoms of colds in children 6-12 years of age.

Granu FINK bladder, 100

To reinforce or strengthen the bladder function.